"She runs so fearfully quick. You might as well catch a Bandersnatch!"

"I'll exterminate them all"
"I'll exterminate them all"


I’m not gonna run away and I never go back on my word, that is my nindō! My ninja way!

I’m a monster.

my friends tried to be strong

my friends tried to be strong

She’s a hard-worker, isn’t she?


Ouran High School Host Club

“Do you think you could tell me what true strength is?  I may be out of line, but hiding your true self and putting on airs doesn’t seem any different than running away to me. I would think that embracing the things you truly like and being able to enjoy them is worth more than anything. To just be yourself… I believe that’s what true strength really is.”

Happy Birthday yukkie-s



Get to know me meme | female characters [3/5]

↳ Mikasa Ackerman “Attack on Titan”

(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ Baby Ace 

Shut up.

"Sensei… It’s borin’ without you here, Sensei. There’s still gobs of stuff I wanna do with ya."

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